Beauty and the Beast – Alan Menken


Only very rarely does a composer get the opportunity to go back to one of his earlier works and is attached to score the newly-made remake. Actually, I am not sure if this has ever happened before – it probably depends on what you think about John Williams having scored both “A New Hope” and “The Force Awakens”…

However, much to everyone’s surprise, the Disney executives decided to bring back legendary animation composer Alan Menken, an eight-time Academy Award winner – two of them won for the original “Beauty and the Beast” movie -, to score the 2017 live action adaption of the classic fairy tale while also contributing some new songs and reworking the pre-existing material into a brand-new score. Continue reading

The LEGO Batman Movie – Lorne Balfe


His name is Batman. LEGO Batman, just that you remember. And, without even a single doubt, he’s the greatest superhero there has ever been in the history of cinema. Well, at least, according to himself…

Following last year’s disaster that was “Batman v Superman”, Warner Bros. and DC Comics are releasing yet another Batman cinematic experience, namely “The LEGO Batman Movie”, the humorous adaption performing quite well at the box office so far. Strengthened by surprisingly positive critical reception, “The Lego Movie”‘s director Phil Lord who acts as producer in here and director Chris McKay reportedly managed to pull out a fun movie that will surely please every superhero enthusiast – a promising possibility for every composer attached to the project to write a decent parody score incorporating interpolations of Batman’s almost legendary musical legacy: The strong sounding names of Danny Elfman, Shirley Walker, Elliot Goldenthal, Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard and Junkie XL and, last but not least, Neal Hefti, who served as the famous Batman series theme song’s composer, immediately come to mind. Continue reading

“Logan”: Martinez Out, Beltrami In

Marco Beltrami, WWZ, Abbey Road, London April 2013

Director James Mangold confirmed on Twitter that veteran composer Marco Beltrami is currently scoring the upcoming Wolverine sequel Logan. The film starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart as the main protagonists follows an an aging Wolverine and Professor X who must protect a young female clone of Wolverine from an evil organization led by Nathanial Essex. The movie will be released on March 3, 2017 by 20th Century Fox.

Continue reading

Jed Kurzel To Score “Alien: Covenant”


According to the first trailer, composer Jed Kurzel has taken over scoring duties on Ridley Scott’s upcoming Alien: Covenant. The film starring Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston and Billy Crudup follows the crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, as they discover what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world. Continue reading

Listen To Ramin Djawadi’s “The Great Wall” Score


The “Game of Thrones” and “Westworld” composer has written the score for the Matt Damon-starring action movie, set to be released in February 2017.  James Horner was originally intended to score the movie that follows an elite force of soldiers as they make a heroic stand atop the Great Wall of China against a horde of monsters that appear every 60 years. Willem Dafoe and Andy Lau also star in the film. Continue reading