HOAM Awards

Let’s be honest: Most award shows don’t really care about an original score and whether it is a great piece of art or not – they only judge it by looking at the movie it has actually been written for. As a result, many great scores are not considered by award ceremonies.

That’s the reason why “HEARTBEATS OF A MOVIE” decided to present the so-called “HOAM Awards”. Each year, the best scores will be nominated in various categories with the winner being announced somewhere in January/February of the following year like it is already common with other score review sites such as “Filmtracks” and “Movie Music UK”.

The categories are as follows:

  • Best Original Score of the Year
  • Best Drama Score
  • Best Fantasy/Science-Fiction Score
  • Best Action/Adventure Score
  • Best Animation Score
  • Best Comedy Score
  • Best Horror/Thriller Score
  • Best Score for a Television Series/Movie
  • Best Videogame Score


  • Best Original Music Composition of the Year
  • Composer of the Year
  • Best Archival Release of An Existing Score
  • Best Original Song



2016: 2016 HOAM Awards

  • Best Original Score of the Year: FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM, James Newton Howard
  • Composer of the Year: Michael Giacchino

2017: 2017 HOAM Awards

  • Best Original Score of the Year: PHANTOM THREAD, Jonny Greenwood
  • Composer of the Year: Alexandre Desplat

2018:  All nominees will be announced by the end of January 2019.


Of course, the decisions represented by the choice of winners are completely subjective and purely based on the opinion of “HEARTBEAT OF A MOVIE”.