Beauty and the Beast – Alan Menken


Only very rarely does a composer get the opportunity to go back to one of his earlier works and is attached to score the newly-made remake. Actually, I am not sure if this has ever happened before – it probably depends on what you think about John Williams having scored both “A New Hope” and “The Force Awakens”…

However, much to everyone’s surprise, the Disney executives decided to bring back legendary animation composer Alan Menken, an eight-time Academy Award winner – two of them won for the original “Beauty and the Beast” movie -, to score the 2017 live action adaption of the classic fairy tale while also contributing some new songs and reworking the pre-existing material into a brand-new score. Continue reading

The LEGO Batman Movie – Lorne Balfe


His name is Batman. LEGO Batman, just that you remember. And, without even a single doubt, he’s the greatest superhero there has ever been in the history of cinema. Well, at least, according to himself…

Following last year’s disaster that was “Batman v Superman”, Warner Bros. and DC Comics are releasing yet another Batman cinematic experience, namely “The LEGO Batman Movie”, the humorous adaption performing quite well at the box office so far. Strengthened by surprisingly positive critical reception, “The Lego Movie”‘s director Phil Lord who acts as producer in here and director Chris McKay reportedly managed to pull out a fun movie that will surely please every superhero enthusiast – a promising possibility for every composer attached to the project to write a decent parody score incorporating interpolations of Batman’s almost legendary musical legacy: The strong sounding names of Danny Elfman, Shirley Walker, Elliot Goldenthal, Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard and Junkie XL and, last but not least, Neal Hefti, who served as the famous Batman series theme song’s composer, immediately come to mind. Continue reading

Doctor Strange – Michael Giacchino


“Dear God, please, let it feature a  score by Chrisopher Young! He’s THE ONE!” Well, that’s shortly summarized how people felt before the newest entry in Marvel’s ever-expanding cinematic universe, “Doctor Strange”, finally received an official composer announcement. Film score enthusiasts and critics in general have always been criticizing the overly generic music dominating the soundscape of the comic movie adaptions’ scores. Because of director Scott Derrickson long-living relationship with Young, having always worked with him as composer on his previous movies, rumours were soon spreading if the producers would really allow such a composer – continuously staying away from working on huge blockbuster projects because of the ultimate lack of creativity given to the composers – to score a high-budget Marvel movie that is “Doctor Strange”. Unfortunately, that did not happen, although one must admit that Young would have been a terrific choice who clearly could have created something special for the film if he only would be given the chance. The fans’ expectations were dominated by the suspicion that the creative team behind the movie would rather want to have another typically RCP-sounding score, infamous for their generic action writing and missing a true musical identity instead of getting an intelligently-structured, well-developed, multi-thematic mystery score. Continue reading

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Michael Giacchino


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, French composer Alexandre Desplat scored a Star Wars spin-off…wait, what? Do you know this is wrong? It is Michael Giacchino we are talking about, right? That guy who has already written music for J.J.Abrams’s “Star Trek” reboot, various Disney animation features and who was even chosen to step out of Williams’s gigantic shadow by providing the score for “Jurassic World”, the pun-guy? Never mind, here we go. Continue reading

A Christmas Carol – Alan Silvestri


At least for me, Alan Silvestri’s score for the 2009 film adaption of Charles Dickens’s beloved “A Christmas Carol” is one of the best Christmas-related scores ever written in the history of film scoring: Based on Charles Dickens’s beloved story, the composer provides an unbelievably joyous, masterfully crafted music that makes up for a truly thrilling listening experience. Continue reading

The Birth of a Nation – Henry Jackman


Critics have continuously been praising Nate Parker’s “The Birth of a Nation”, naming it one of the Academy Award frontrunners next year. The movie tells the true story of an African American slave, Nat Turner, living in Virginia in the 1830s, who inspires a group of fellow slaves to finally raise up against the violence, oppression and bad treating each of them has to face on a regular every-day-basis by their racist owners. Continue reading