ROGUE ONE: Giacchino Replaces Desplat!


Earlier today, several sources reported that composer Alexandre Desplat is no longer attached to score the upcoming “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” due to scheduling conflicts caused by reshoots. Replacing the Academy-Award-winning composer on this project, Michael Giacchino was brought in to take over scoring duties on the upcoming spin-off, to be released on December 16 by Walt Disney pictures.

Being the first composer besides John Williams writing music for the ever-popular Star Wars franchise, the French composer Alexandre Desplat had been announced as composer by the end of last year, a truly intriguing choice that could have led to a spectacular score. By now, the composer has already written the greatest amount of music for the movie with the recording sessions being booked for October.

Fans already worried about massive reshoots because of Disney’s discontentment regarding director Gareth Edward’s preliminary product. As a consequence, it became necessary to rewrite large amounts of the music composed. Because Desplat was no longer available to score the movie as a result of the additional photograohy that pushed back the timetable, Michael Giacchino was brought in as the movie’s new composer.

I’m certainly happy to see Giacchino finally getting the chance to score a Star Wars movie – after all, he’s a huge fan, so it is a dream coming true for him. Nevertheless, I’m extremely disappointed and actually kind of surprised because of Desplat leaving the project. In fact, it is a similiar situation to last year’s “Pan” where Dario Marianelli got replaced by John Powell. Giacchino is clearly a versatile composer (can’t wait for his upcoming score for Marvel’s “Doctor Strange”) but I had such high hopes for a Star Wars score written by Desplat.

So we’ll see what Giacchino is doing with this one. Hopefully, he will let his inner fanboy out and deliver the goods. May the force be with him…



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