Geoff Zanelli Scoring “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”

Geoff Zanelli officially confirmed via Facebook that he’s providing the music for Jack Sparrow’s fifth adventure, slated for release in May 2017.


It’ll be the first movie in the series without Hans Zimmer – who previously scored every movie of the franchise – being involved in the musical process. However, Zanelli is no stranger to the pirate’s world, he’s already written additional music for the first four entries in the series. With his exhilarating arrangement of the “William Tell Ouverture” featured in “Lone Ranger” (score by Hans Zimmer), he has proven that he is clearly capable of writing dynamic action music for Hollywood’s greatest blockbusters.

Personally, I am intrigued to see and hear what he is coming up with; it would be great if he is given the chance to write a really melodic and orchestral action score.



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