Funny but sad at the same time: Here’s another composer named Christopher whose compositional skills are enormously underappreciated.


With “Sausage Party” being released in cinemas in some weeks, I thought it would be necessary if not even inevitable to talk about the wonderful orchestral score which has been written by Christopher Lennertz and Alan Menken. The music is simply Lennertz at his very best providing awesome thematic material and epic melodies for Seth Rogen’s R-rated animation movie (they’re even using a choir – “Food Massacre” is a wonderful musical hommage to Goldsmith’s “The Omen”, I almost immediately started laughing while I was listening to that cue…).
Unfortunately, Lennertz’s talent is clearly wasted on some stupid comedies such as “Ride Along” or “Bad Moms” (which is currently playing in theaters) – don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I don’t like the music he’s written for these kind of movies, but he is capable of doing so much more.

Just listen to his very entertaining score for “Marvel’s Agent Carter”: A catchy main theme combined with nice underscoring and interesting action material – that’s a great score. Another example is the fun soundtrack he’s written for “Hop” which again showcases that he is a very versatile composer how knows how to write music for a big orchestra.
Please give him an epic action/advention movie or even a Marvel movie, I’m sure he would deliver something truly outstanding!




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