In this series, I will focus on some incredibly gifted composers that are unfortunately wildly ignored by Hollywood producers/directors despite having composed very entertaining scores for various movies, the first one being Christopher Young.

30 years after his first truly great success, his muscular “Hellraiser” scores, Young has become something like a modern cult composer: He doesn’t get to score many movies, and if he does, it has pretty much nothing to do with popular mainstream cinema made in Hollywood or somewhere else – which is a real pity!
He’s such a cool guy, very well-regarded by fans and other composers in the scene and having enormous compositional skills. You might already know that Young is an expert when it comes to scoring a horror movie, just listen to his impressive work on “Drag Me To Hell”. But he’s capable of scoring pretty much every movie and genre: His scores for “Creation”, the extremely beautiful “Murder in the First” and the choir-heavy fantasy score for “Priest” are prime examples of his capability. I wouldn’t say his talent is wasted on those movies – it offers probably more possibilities to be really creative – but I would’t mind seeing his name attached to some upcoming blockbusters (okay, he scored “Spider-Man 3”, but that must have been a really bad experience – a lot of pressure due to a troubled post-production and Raimi not working with Elfman, his usual collaborator).
But as long as he’s happy with what he’s doing, it’s fine with me; I just love listening to his music without caring what the movie is all about.



At the moment, he’s scoring the “Monkey King” franchise which seems to be popular only in China where it is produced. With two more films currently in the pipeline, we can look forward to some spectacular action-packed fantasy scores by Mr. Young, full of orchestral and choral beauty, in the near future. And I know exactly that I’m not the only one who can’t wait to hear what he comes up with this time…




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