A versatile composer and film music conductor with a great sense for storytelling and orchestral writing – and the same demanding outcry over and over again: Please give him something HUGE!


As his parents had been involved in music and theater, American composer Joel McNeely saw himself introduced to a world of notes and instruments at a very young age, learning to play piano, saxophone, bass and flute as a child. Later on, he attended the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan and decided to study jazz in Miami which earned him a master’s degree as a composition major at a school of music in New York. Continue reading


Pete’s Dragon – Daniel Hart


Disney is still pursuing their strategy releasing remakes of their older animation movies with enormous success; “Maleficent” started that modern trend back in 2014 with Kenneth Branagh’s wonderful “Cinderella” and the 2016 adaption of “The Jungle Book” to follow. Admittedly, they have all been really good in terms of film making and in terms of film scoring (just think of Doyle’s “Cinderella” – more on this one soon!). By now, Disney continues this development with a live adaption of “Pete’s Dragon” and the upcoming “Beauty and the Beast”. Continue reading

Suicide Squad – Steven Price


What happens if a secret government agency puts together a team of supervillains and psychopaths in order to make the world a more peaceful place? Well, something really strange for sure. But Marvel had an enormous success with their unusual characters represented by the “Guardians of the Galaxy”, so maybe DC said: “Hey, we can do that as well – can’t be that difficult!”. Now by the time that the film has finally been released in theaters all over the world, the long anticipated comic adaption saw itself unexpectedly confronted with mixed to exremely negative response, contrasting early fan reactions to the trailers, but still selling millions of dollars. I’ve finally been able to see the movie last Friday (okay, it has been released last Thursday, so the “finally” is maybe a little bit out of place…) and unfortunately, it is mostly true: The film suffers from a bad script and a non-existing character development, their actions are far too stereotypical for supervillains and you really have to question yourself what the motivation of the main antagonist, Enchantress, is all about – okay, she wants to reign the world, pretty obviously, but give me a reason! Continue reading

Mark Mothersbaugh to Score Marvel’s “Thor: Ragnarok”


Mark Mothersbaugh has just been announced to score Marvel’s upcoming “Thor: Ragnarok”. The previous two entries in the Thor series featured scores written by Patrick Doyle (“Thor”) and Brian Tyler (“Thor: The Dark Kingdom”). While cast and crew are still shooting the movie, it will be released in November 2017.

For me, this marks another step in Marvel’s ongoing choice of interesting Composers and I’m excited to hear if Mothersbaugh gets the chance to incorporate his own Sound into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get “Burwellished”… 😉

Intrada Unleashes “The Ten Commandments”


Intrada revealed that they are finally going to release Elmer Bernstein’s score for the 1956 biblical movie “The Ten Commandments” in a long-awaited set which compromises 6 CDs. You can purchase this wonderful release through Intrada’s website on the release date, September 6.

UPDATE: The price will be 69.99 Dollar.




Seriously, why isn’t this guy scoring movies anymore? His scores are huge, epic, orchestral, beautiful, awesome! Well, this world is strange, really …


Being a Bond composer later on, British composer David Arnold already knew at the age of seven that he wanted to become a film composer by watching “You Only Live Twice”. After his first feature film, “The Young Americans”, he spectacularly emerged into the film music scene in the mid-1990s by writing rousing orchestral music for “Independence Day” (definitely on my “Great Moments of Film Scoring” list…), “Stargate” and “Tomorrow Never Dies”. This made him one of Hollywood’s most beloved composers also providing music for “Godzilla” and four more Bond movies in the years to follow, the best one being “Casino Royale (although he’s not that good at avoiding spoilers – I mean, “Death of Vesper”, are you kidding me?).

However, his last big scoring assignment has been the wonderfully melodic “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” back in 2010  Continue reading